Side Tables

Side tables are the perfect accompaniment to any furniture set in any room. A side table can hold your scented candles in the living room, or your alarm clock in the bedroom. They're great for holding drinks, storing magazines, or offering a rest spot for whatever you're carrying.

But more than function, they can add serious style to your room too.

And with a collection of side tables as varied as the ones we have right here at HomesDirect365, you're sure to find something perfect for you.

Before you decide which is best for you though, let us explain a little about the styles and options we have in stock at HomesDirect365.


French side tables

Our French side tables are perfect for those who love classic French design. We don't break the mould here, we simply show off the side table in the perfect traditional French style.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Soft curves
  • Plain hues
  • Round tables
  • Simple storage solutions
  • Great style

With so many options in the French design, you're sure to find a side table to suit you.


Shabby chic side tables

HomesDirect365's range of shabby chic side tables takes inspiration from the French designs but focuses on the character of the piece. With a slightly more distressed style, a shabby chic side table will fit right into your living room, making it look both distinguished and part of the space all at the same time.

Our shabby chic range typically has the following features:

  • Slightly distressed look
  • A rustic feel
  • Elegant lines
  • Classy legs and feet

Shabby chic is all about blending alternate styles - mixing the ornate chic with the characterful shabby.


Mirrored side tables

We have everything from mirrored side tables to end tables, a basket of tables to a side unit, so we know how to make sure our mirrored range pops and makes a statement in your home.

Despite mirrors being such a huge part of their design, mirrored side tables are still perfect for placing down that glass or drink, because it's so well protected.

As you can imagine, the key aspect of this design is the reflective surface that's perfect for brightening up a room. But you can also expect:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Strong lines
  • Round tables


Modern side tables

All of our modern side tables can almost fit into other categories such as glass, metal, wood, or quirky, for example (which will all be covered below). But the reason we brand this type of table in one basket under the umbrella term 'Modern' is that they all have similar styles that allow them to be grouped in one collection.

You can expect:

  • Unique designs
  • Vibrant colour
  • Natural materials
  • Unique patterns
  • Busy vs simple designs

The modern umbrella captures a lot of varying styles, so check out our contemporary range today to find the side table that suits you best. Find out more about these great designs below. 

Metal side tables

Our metal side tables will look great as part of any living room furniture, no matter the look of the room. You could have a vintage-looking sofa, and a metal side table would add character and a wonderful juxtaposition that is sure to catch anyone's eye.

If you're not sure if this look works for you, here's some of the main features that we love about the metal side tables we stock:

  • Shine - from bright brass to plated steel, the shine is a selling point
  • Geometric shapes
  • Unique legs and stands
  • Basket, trays, and drawers worked into the design to create more space for storage
  • Unique colours

Marble side tables

Our marble side tables are, for many, the holy grail of the side table world. Why? Because they have such a contemporary clean look, and they exude luxury. If design is important to you, then a marble table is perfect for you.

They're about far more than just a marble top, though:

  • Dark vs light marble to your taste
  • Bold legs
  • Striking contrasts
  • Neat lines
  • Geometric shapes

You're sure to find the perfect marble table for you!

Wood side tables

Everybody loves wood side tables but here's why our customers love ours:

  • Painted vs natural wood
  • Different options - oak, pine, and a range of other effects
  • Different designs from contemporary to classic, boho to chic
  • Shapes - round, square, abstract - we have it all to suit your space

Quirky side tables

Our collection of quirky side tables are for those who want something a little different. Leave those filters behind and allow yourself to think of the whackiest side table you can. We bet we can beat it...

  • Telephone box tables
  • Animal tables - monkeys, dogs, penguins, and so much more...
  • Abstract shapes and 'out there' designs

There aren't many features we can include because our quirky selection is, well, quirky... We break all the rules here, so our quirky tables are perfect for those who don't mind breaking a few of their own with their interior design...

Glass side tables

All our glass side tables are known for their contemporary designs and striking looks, and they're perfect for almost any home.

Besides the sleek glass (available in both clear and coloured) there are some other wonderful features you should look out for:

  • Unique shapes
  • Abstract legs
  • A variety of sizes
  • Combined with other materials - oak, brass, copper, etc - to create the perfect look

Industrial side tables

Industrial side tables can be identified by a few key features that almost all of our industrial selection share:

  • Mixture of natural wood with metal elements
  • Straight lines and curved tops
  • Sturdy bases
  • Juxtaposition of dark and light colours

Teak side tables

Teak side tables are so unique and fun, and just work perfectly for those who love natural designs.

Here's what you'll see with our teak selection of side tables:

  • Natural driftwood appearances
  • A design that brings the outdoors in
  • Completely unique shapes and designs

Teak side tables are perfect for the nature lovers among you, so be sure to check out our collection today.


What makes our side table range great?

Bright colour vs natural

We have so many bright and vibrant tables to suit the colour lovers among you, but we also have natural tables that are sure to fit into any environment. Whatever your taste, we have something for you. Why not check out some of our sofa tables and nest of tables?

Bold designs

Here at HomesDirect365, we're not afraid to mix things up and our designs reflect that. From bold and beautiful to simple and sleek, we have a design to suit everyone.

Materials galore!

With such a wide variety of materials used for our side tables, you'll easily be able to find something to match the look of your home already.

Check out our full selection of side tables today - you won't be disappointed!