Whether relaxing, engrossed in your favourite streaming show or curled up with a loved one, there is no finer place than on your sofa. Whatever style, budget or size of the room you have, our full range of sofas means there is a comfortable spot for everyone, and HomesDirect365 is here to help you claim your best spot.


Modern sofas

You cannot beat the range of modern sofas for new and contemporary homes. From two-seaters to space for all the family, you’ll adore the colours and soft fabrics on offer.

With metal, upholstered, and wood sofas, not to mention the luxury of leather or velvet sofas, options like the Tesora, Madison and Grace, for example, demand your attention.

A velvet fabric sofa is on trend these days, amongst the softest materials, ideal for any interior, and if you want a couch you'll sink into, this is the fabric style that stands out for all the right reasons. The Bella is a compact two seater velvet sofa while the Anita velvet loveseat is available in gold, making for an opulent addition to any household.

Creating style and comfort is no stretch with a perfect new sofa

Knowing you can match the fabric, such as velvet or leather with similar materials for your cushions or throws is an interior designers dream. Whatever the colour, whatever the shape, your fabric sofa is guaranteed to make you feel at home with comfort and style.

Leather sofa

When it comes to the finest fabric sofa, many people cannot see past leather sofas. For your living space, this is a great material, easy to clean, and it can withstand a lot of use. The Ebury is an excellent 2 seater sofa while the Neyland Heritage carries vintage charm, available in a retro green finish.

Of course, for true tradition, the vintage leather button back sofa will bring back memories, but also provide an authentic touch of class to any living space or business premises.

When you are looking for value for money with a new fabric sofa, a leather space is often one of the best choices you can make, and you'll be delighted to know you can find your perfect furniture item in a great range of colours.

The right colours add to the sense of comfort at home

You will be satisfied if colour is the most important thing for you with modern sofas. Be it muted options like beige, black, brown or grey to eye-catching bold finishes in the brightest blue, perfect pink, greatest green or awesome orange; your sofa can express your tastes perfectly, no matter what you prefer.

Fabric sofas in every size

Once you've decided on styles, you can think about the size of your fabric sofa. 2 and 3 seater sofas are popular, with love seats for couples being a great choice. Then again, if you have more people at home, someone can squeeze in the middle seat!

The Chester 3+2 suite, available in light grey with deep tufted detailing, is a great example of sofas for larger rooms.

HomesDirect365 fabric sofas can be selected on sizes relating to the height, width and depth of the couch. Whatever sizes and measurements matter to you, select them and then forget about them, because you'll find everything you need here.

You'll find the perfect sofa for your home

From classic French furniture, capturing period pieces in all their finery, to retro takes on legacy and vintage pieces, you’ll have a sofa that is the centrepiece of the living room and home.

If you want a Chesterfield sofa with its iconic design, a love chair for you and your partner, a corner sofa to fit your space perfectly, or just a place to sit, you won’t struggle for options.

Sofas come in all manner of upholstered materials

Some people require a soft settee, a more important issue than shapes or colours of the sofa. If you want to relax and recline on the softest item in the room, consider the following upholstered fabric options, all available on site:

  • Chenille
  • Cotton / Cotton Blend
  • Cowhide
  • Crushed Velvet
  • Faux Leather
  • Leather
  • Linen / Linen Blend
  • Polyester / Polyester Blend
  • Velvet
  • Wool


Even the fussiest person buying a upholstered sofa will find something to love and choose amongst this dazzling array of options.


Modern sofa beds

Then again, functionality also matters, which is why the extensive selection of these beds is worth checking out. If you need more space, you welcome guests or appreciate the ability to do it all in one room; modern sofa beds look great and ensure you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

With easy fold-out mechanisms, getting ready for bed is never a chore with these items, allowing you to relax, even if you don't have space in the bedroom.

No matter your choice, the made to measure fabric sofas are ideal for you, no matter how much space you have.

The Brighton range of beds are extremely colourful, upholstered in velvet with a modern style, available in orange, green and blue. For more muted offerings, the Nico velvet range is hugely appealing, and will look fantastic in most homes.

For something different the rattan round day beds are comfortable and unique, ideal for the garden, and helpful when you are pushed for space in the home, perhaps after welcoming guests.

There's even gloriously decadent French antique chaise lounges, hand crafted to showcase alluring curves and high quality craftsmanship.

Tips on adding functionality to your couch

Functionality is also an issue with storage options for your couch or armchair. Whether you like to keep important items safe close by, or you just want a spot to keep a cup of tea handy, there are storage solutions with fabric sofas that suit your needs.

Knowing your soft sofa makes your life easier, as well as more comfortable, is pleasing, and you can create the ideal room in every space in the house.

The Tempo and Jessica sofas are perfect examples of how comfortable having an armrest at each end makes this style of couch.

The Ashley and Tempo sofas come with wooden feet, adding more durability, and allowing you easy access to underneath the couch to clean the floor.

Even pets are catered for, with a couple of day beds for your dog!

Whatever you opt for, you can get the most suitable sofa delivered, in whatever shapes or colours you demand!

Choose from the finest range of colours and upholstery fabrics

From a smaller space to a commanding new sofa, our range of the finest upholstery complement armchairs, cushions, covers and whatever else you place in your favourite room.

With so many colours and fabric styles to choose from, the only limit when buying a sofa you choose is your imagination.

From simple and understated colours like brown, beige, grey, white and black to beautiful colours that grab attention like green, blue, pink, red and orange, you can have a sofa that is about more than comfort, it can be about style.

Choose your style and your perfect fit where you sit

You even have the choice of metallic finishes such as gold and silver, so whatever you find makes your room come alive, your family and children will love the look you create.

When it comes to living room furniture, HomesDirect365 have a sofa fit for your house, in every colour and shape, and we know you'll love the soft range of fabric sofas that are perfect for you and your loved ones.