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If you're choosing a new TV cabinet, the HomesDirect365 online shop is a great place to begin your search. We believe that good-quality furniture should be available to suit all budgets and tastes, which is why there are more than 160 items in our collection of TV cabinets!

To help you in your task, here's an idea of what you can expect to find:


French TV Stands

Add some classic French flair with one of our French TV stands. Available in black, antique white, silver and grey, these beautiful units come in a range of designs. All of them have at least one or two drawers, and some have a cupboard on each side. Most of these examples also have an open storage space for game consoles, books, TV streaming devices or media players and home entertainment systems.

Our French TV cabinets also have short, stylishly curved legs and are decorated with mouldings or carvings, although some are more ornate than others.

You'll also discover a variety of fixtures or fittings - there are vintage metal drop handles, crystal glass handles, or classic antique metal button pulls.

All of these units have a hole at the back to allow wires to be passed through and keep them neat and tidy.


Shabby Chic TV Units

Shabby chic designs really allow you to indulge your artistic side, filling your room with interesting textures, colours and patterns.

To make it work and bring everything together, you need furniture with character, with ornamental detail like carvings, curves and rustic charm, and that's where HomesDirect365 can help! We have plenty of items in our product list that are perfect for your shabby chic design.

To begin with, most of our shabby chic TV units would be ideal as they have stacks of character and appeal.

As well as this, we have the Juliette, with two large open storage compartments and four drawers (two on each side). This sturdy unit sits on round 'bun' feet for extra stability. The main body is antique white, while the drawer fronts and top have a distressed natural wood finish that contrasts wonderfully. This is topped off with white oval drawer knobs decorated with a rose motif.

There's also the cream-coloured antique carved TV unit, which has two larger storage compartments with heavy foliate/floral carving on the doors. The single drawer has an open storage area above that's divided into two by a shelf, and the natural wood top is wide enough to accommodate a large TV.


Modern TV Cabinets

For those who prefer something with a contemporary design, we have a fantastic collection of modern TV units.

Wood & Glass

The Barton and Milan ranges combine glass and wood to create a uniquely modern look. The Barton unit comprises a clear glass table top supported by a curved rectangular wood-effect frame that forms a cross in the centre. Two further glass shelves join the legs on each side.

The Milan TV unit has two rectangular wooden frames at either end of a clear glass top, with two smaller shelves beneath. The top is supported by four chrome columns for a clean, modern style.

Glass & Metal

The Apex, Harlequin and Zenith ranges use metal and glass to produce some truly amazing results. For example, check out the Harlequin - it has three clear glass shelves with a black border, supported by four gleaming silver-coloured pillars. The Apex comes in two styles: gold with clear glass, or silver with black glass, both of which rely on a double-rectangle frame at either end. They also both have two shelves that will support your television along with a console or other equipment.

The Zenith is similar to the Apex, but has a stainless steel frame and clear glass, and the rectangular ends have an X shape within them.


Sharp, minimalist chic is always popular, and we have several units that belong in this category.

The Pruro is one of these, a simple long, low rectangular box with a central divider. The sharp angles and high-gloss white, charcoal or black finish make this a must for anyone who loves the clean style of minimalism!

Taking things a step further, we have the Cosmo, Luna, Eclipse and Milano ranges. While there are different features in each range, they all rely on modern design for their appeal. Another thing they have in common is that they are fitted with LEDs for an extra splash of futuristic charisma.


Industrial TV Cabinets

The rugged, robust nature of industrial design appeals to many of our customers, which is why we update our stock regularly to include new items. Our industrial TV cabinets are modern but often have a retro vibe.

Most of our examples feature heavy ironwork or brushed metal panels. Some rest on cast iron wheels and have large doors on metal rollers.

The Old Empire and Iona industrial TV units have a more minimalist feel and are sleek and attractive. The Iona is available in two sizes and is constructed of oak on a black metal frame, while the Old Empire has a dark steel frame with a mango wood top and two mango wood undershelves offset against each other.

The Shoreditch TV stand is a fine example of industrial design; a metal frame with rounded ends, four open compartments and a single drawer. The solid wood top, shelves and drawer contrast perfectly with the visible rivets, metal handle and angled metal legs.


Mirrored TV Units

If you want to really make a statement in your living room, mirrored TV stands will do the trick!

The Argente and Marrakesh mirrored TV units are ornate, echoing the designs seen in French furniture. The Marrakesh TV stand is robust and solid and big enough to hold a large TV, while the Argente is more refined.

The Romano is simple in design, forming a V shape with its sloped sides. It is open-backed, with two compartments for your console or media centre.

Another example is the two-drawer Grace TV unit, which is set on low U-shaped metal legs. It has a truly contemporary feel, with crystal glass drawer handles adding an extra splash of glamour.

Our final example is the Rocco, another two-drawer TV stand. This one is finished with gold beading around the edges and it also has crystal glass handles. The gold-edged tapered legs make this a modern classic that would grace any home!


Choosing The Right TV Stand

While it is popular to mount TVs on a wall, many people prefer to put their television set on a beautiful piece of furniture. But how do you know which one is best?

We've got you covered when it comes to TV stands and TV units, but what about the size?

Here are a few handy tips:


Finding the ideal height for your TV is tricky, as we are all different sizes! However, as a general rule, the experts suggest that the middle of your TV screen should be about 42 inches from the floor.

That means that you'll need to know the dimensions of your TV and keep this in mind to do some quick calculations when you are looking for a TV stand. Don't forget; screens are measured diagonally!

TV Size

The size and weight of your TV matter when buying a TV stand. Although television sets aren't generally big and bulky, they can still be enormous. Ideally, always ensure that the TV stand is a couple of inches wider than the TV itself.

Glass shelves are tough and resilient (and should always be toughened or tempered) but always be aware of how much weight you are adding.

Open Units

Remember, if your TV unit is open at the back, the cables and wires will be visible, so you'll have to find a way to keep them tidy. An enclosed unit will hide the cables as well as any other equipment you would rather not keep on display.

Corner Units

Most TV units are placed against walls or in the corner of the room for convenience and the placing of your own TV set might be taken out of your hands by the shape and layout of your living room.

We have several beautiful corner TV units that will look great in your room and help you make the most of the space.


The TV cabinet that you opt for should complement your room, not clash with it. While this seems obvious, some people don't realise they've made the wrong choice until the unit arrives.

So, always think about the colour and style of your room and make sure your new TV unit suits it. For example, if your lounge is cosy and has a cottage feel, an LED unit or ultra-modern glass and metal TV bench won't be a good match!

Fortunately, our online store has plenty of choices when it comes to various colours, styles and designs.


Shopping with HomesDirect365

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