Mirrored Furniture

Have you caught up with new trends in interior design? Well, mirrored furniture is back in all its shine and glory! Mirrored furniture has been in use since the invention of mirrors, first by French and later by German royals. Further on, the fashion of this style spread to America and was widely used by New York based socialites. It was in its peak trend during the 1920’s and 30’s, and now it is the centre of interior design once more.

At HomesDirect365 we offer a superb range of  sets to suit everyone's tastes. From exquisite mirrored bedroom furniture including mirrored bedside tablesmirrored chests of drawersmirrored dressing tables to mirrored console tables, there is always something available to bring that wonderful elegance to your home. This style is an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in light designs and wants to bring out some of the other features within their room. It is a great way of bringing natural light into your room at no extra cost, light is able to enter the room and then bounces off the reflective surfaces of the mirrored furniture, lighting up all corners of the room. For anyone who is looking to brighten up an ordinarily dark room, our French mirrored furniture may be exactly what you are looking for.

Perhaps you will ask yourself, "Why should you decorate your room with mirrored furniture?". There are several reasons for that. Firstly, mirrored furniture sometimes referred to as "mirror furniture" is reliable, safe and lasts for a long time and does not wear and fade like various different wood types and painted objects, and can be specially treated and covered with a protective film. Additionally, these surfaces do not absorb smells or get moldy. Second, mirrored furniture visually enlarges a space. If you have small room it will make the space look larger due to its reflective characteristics. Also it diminishes the size of reflected objects and makes them appear in further away, which boosts the impact of enlarged space. Third, a room looks lighter when objects with reflective surfaces are used, which is again enabled by reflecting the light. During the day, the room is full of light. If you wish to make a romantic atmosphere on an evening, mirrored furniture will amplify candlelight or another type of discrete light and double the effect.

So if you have already decided to add a mirrored piece to your home like a mirrored dresser with a beautiful mirrored jewellery box or one of our unique mirrored dining tables let’s see what the available options on the market are. You can choose between contemporary styles, classic or statement pieces with diamond crushed glass surfaces, or of course a combination if you do not want one of our matching sets! 


Mirrored Furniture Sets

Our mirrored furniture collections are very distinctive in design, as well as being clean and simple, our French style pieces are perfect for anyone who is looking to achieve a chic and stylish theme throughout a bedroom. In our collection you will find luxurious items which incorporate both classic and antique designs but also those which are more modern and contemporary. This will allow many different people to find a unique piece that is perfectly suited for their bedroom. Add a touch of class with our elegant dressing tables and this mirrored bedside table as a pair, do not forget about extra storage with one of our beautiful mirrored wardrobes


Mirrored Living Room Furniture

With styles changing from one year to the next, classic mirrored living room furniture offers that timeless look that fits into any home. Please feel free to browse through our range of mirrored TV unitsmirrored coffee tables and our elegant show home worthy mirrored sideboards & cabinets. If you want to accessorize the area some more then take a peek at our venetian mirrors and mirrored table lamps which match perfectly with our designs and coloured glass furniture, we're sure you'll find something that fits your requirements and your budget. Perhaps you would like to revamp the fireplace too and get it to match your new set? Check out our mirrored fireplaces our prices are based on ‘what you see is what you get', simple pricing that brings you the best deals. Make sure you keep checking back as we are continually updating our amazing range of French mirrored/glass pieces – with new additions including many of the most recent styles and trends, you are sure to find something which is superbly designed in our collection even if it is just a small item or accessory like a modern mirror. 


Mirrored Furniture Design Styles

With this style becoming more popular today a few types of styles and designs have arisen that fit to different peoples tastes accordingly. After all we all have varied tastes and differing appreciations of the art form and so the different options made available today hopefully means that there is a piece that each person can relate to, a piece that stands out. The Venetian style is often styled with bevelled panels that combine to make a stunning piece with many lines and reflective edges. The Chaandhi Kar style is built using a hand beaten silver embossed metal overlay and is commonly related to the Indian regions. Diamond crush furniture is as it sounds but without the diamonds of course, it is a very sparkly effect made of crushed glass and is usually set out on certain panels of the item piece in a similar way that embossing is. Diamond crushed glass is a relatively new concept and is becoming ever more popular, perhaps manufacturers just wanted to use up some old glass and have less waste who knows but one thing for sure is people like it it and it sells.