Dressing Table Mirrors

Mirrors are an essential part of life; imagine going through your day without them!

Shaving, putting on makeup, checking your hair or outfit before you leave your home - all of these would be almost impossible without a mirror. Table mirrors are especially helpful as they can be placed on dressing tables, sideboards, chests of drawers and console tables around your house where they are handy for checking your reflection when needed.

However, they don't have to be purely practical, and they are great for adding style, glamour and sophistication to any space in your home. They also reflect light around the room, giving an illusion of space.

HomesDirect365 has an exceptional range of stunning dressing table mirrors for you to browse at your leisure, so be sure to check them out to see what we have to offer.

The following examples give a taste of what you'll find in our online store.


French Dressing Table Mirrors

Add some French flair and sophistication with one of our beautiful French dressing table mirrors, such as:

Juliette Dressing Table Mirror

This beautiful oval-shaped dressing table mirror is part of our Juliette collection that fits equally with French or shabby chic designs.

The distressed wood/white finish is extremely appealing, and the top of the frame has a carved rose motif that adds a touch of elegance.

Chic Weathered Table Mirror

A recent addition to our stock of shabby chic dressing table mirrors and French mirrors, this one has a beautiful weathered natural wood finish. Rectangular in shape, it has cupid's bow shaping at the top and bottom of the frame, with delicate carving in the centre of each.

The mirror is hinged in the middle so it can be angled for your convenience, and it is set on a base containing two drawers with vintage metal button pulls. This can be set on top of a dressing table to make your bedroom complete!

Montpellier Blanc Mirror

The Montpellier Blanc is a large mirror, measuring 100cm in width. It is deceptively simple-looking, although the craftsmanship is clear when you inspect it closely. Made from Mindi wood, it has an appealing whitewash finish and the top of the frame is given a pleasing curved indentation. The bevelled edge of the glass adds another dimension of quality.

This mirror works well by itself or as part of our new Montpellier Blanc range of furniture.


Mirrored-Edge Dressing Table Mirrors

Some mirrors have wooden, plastic or metal frames, while others have none. These ones use mirror panels to add glamour and sparkle!

Felton Triple Vanity Mirror

Essentially, there's not much difference between vanity mirrors and table mirrors these days, as the terms are used interchangeably.

Crystal Panel Vanity Mirror

For a splash of glitz and style, you can't beat this triple-faced mirror with its bevelled mirror tile edges. The central panel houses the mirror itself, while the two side panels are inlaid with sparkling crystals that will transform your room.

Medium Smoked Mirror Infinity Square Table Lamp

This smart, eye-catching item is the perfect centrepiece. The sleek, glossy black bevel-edged frame is seated neatly on a rectangular base of the same material. But what really makes this mirror stand out is the array of LED lights arranged cleverly to give the impression that they continue through the back of the frame and go on forever!


Modern Dressing Table Mirrors

Fans of contemporary styles will love our collection of modern mirrors!

Each one showcases a different style while reflecting current trends, as you'll see from these examples.

Mustique Dressing Table Mirror

Crafted from mindi wood, the frame is solid and robust. It is supported by two curving legs that end in a flat base that allows you to stand it on your dressing table.

The quality of this item stands out a mile, as you can see from the mindi wood veneer around the edge, and the metal fittings that allow the mirror to pivot on the hinges.

Bella Black & Gold Vanity Mirror

The perfect combination of black and gold always adds a touch of opulence, and this is an excellent example. The round double-sided mirror is held in a U-shaped cradle that allows you to pivot it fully, revealing a magnifying mirror on the reverse.

This is set on a slim metal rod that fits neatly into a black marble base, and the whole thing is portable enough to be placed wherever you need it.

Carly Black Vanity Mirror with Tray

Metal and glass are combined in harmony to create an attractive unit that will suit the modern home design. This round mirror is double-sided, the tilt feature lets you view the reverse side, which gives a magnified view.

Finished in silver, the frame is set within a handy storage tray that holds makeup or perfume ready for when you need it.

Alghero Grey Broadway 9 Light Vanity Mirror

This uncompromising rectangular mirror makes a bold statement in your bedroom! The wide grey-coloured frame houses nine rounded light bulbs that add a pinch of Hollywood glamour as you prepare yourself for your night out.

It's a free-standing unit that can be set on a chest, dressing table or bedside cabinet where it's sure to give a contemporary feel.


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