Office Chairs

Office chairs and computer chairs are amongst the most important pieces of office furniture, but for too long, businesses didn't place enough importance on ensuring staff were comfortable at work.

Times have changed, and whether this is through increased levels of remote working or a greater awareness of what motivates employees, there is now an extensive range of office chairs, especially when you shop online.

HomesDirect365 has an extensive stock of office chairs, and you'll easily find the ideal chair for your office in the wide selection available.

Does the perfect desk chair exist?

It does, but the ideal desk chair for one person is unsuitable for someone else or a different workplace. This is why it is great to see a wide range of office desk chairs to choose, helping people or businesses find the right office chair for their needs.

Support and comfort matters so much

The right office chair offers support, it is comfortable, both in the short-term and long periods, and ideally, it looks great.

Not every person or business worries about the aesthetic nature of an office chair, but if this matters to you, you’ll be glad to know you can find the perfect desk chair, no matter what it looks and feels like. The Faraday and Curie, available in ebony and brown, swivel chairs are at home in any room.

Choose the ideal colour for your office chair, even grey!

Whether you are looking for chairs for the office or home office, the colour and fabric matter. Black is the most common chair colour, with the Henderson office chair being a modern classic, but blue, brown, grey and white are not uncommon.

Whatever colours you want for office furniture, you'll find it here

Then again, you might want something more striking for your office furniture. If you have a brand image or notable logo, a green, orange, the pink, red or yellow chair from the Racing Comet range will ensure your brand is front and centre in the workspace.

Similarly, if you want a home office chair that matches your room's mood or brightens up the space, you are not short of options when you shop with HomesDirect365. The Tate mesh range, and the red faux leather chair with back rest, swivel features and wheels are notably striking.

It is not as if colour is the only important factor when choosing a chair on how it looks; you want to find a chair that feels great too. This means you need the right fabric, and no matter what sort of price you are willing to pay for office chairs, there should be something that feels right.

Leather chairs have a touch of class

For leather admirers, the Charlton and Geo offer very different seating experiences. The Charlton is more traditional, featuring arm rests, while the Geo, as the name suggests, offer geometric shapes, with a design that grabs attention for all the right reasons. Available in an attention-catching white or a piercing pink, this is a leather chair for those who like to make an impression.

Regarding upholstered materials, you have many options, including nylon office chairs, often with a mesh cover or a polyester finish. For total comfort, you can even opt for a velvet finish, like the Venosa, ensuring you sit comfortably when working.

While many people want a soft finish where they sit, the rest of the modern office chair must be robust. Office furniture can go through a lot, so metal, plastic and wood are common choices for popular office chairs. Add in upholstered versions, like the Feynman or McIntyre, and there should be modern office chairs for every corner or space.


Desk chairs

Modern desk chairs are functional and have a lot of features. If you need additional support, there are adjustable armrests while tilt functions help people get in and out of their modern office chairs.

Are you equipped for hot desk requirements?

If you work in an office with a “hot desk” facility, meaning many people use the same desk and workspace, adjustable arms on chairs ensure every employee enjoys comfort in their working day. The Mendel or Clifton swivel chairs can be adjusted for height, ensuring a range of people can use these chairs comfortably.

Set up office chairs to help your employees feel comfortable in the office

This slight touch ensures you get the best out of workers, which is why the full capabilities of modern desk chairs matter.

Features such as adjustable arms and tilting functions help people manage pain when using an office chair, which creates a better working environment.

Studies suggest people's posture is badly affected by a bad chair and desk setup, which is why finding chairs that support the body is essential in providing a duty of care to team members. Our ergonomic chairs will help you maintain a correct seating position over long periods at the desk.

Discover our full range of office desks whilst considering your office chair.

More than just small, medium or large

An example of this comes in the range of sizes for home and office chairs. Whether you want small, medium or large, you can choose on height, depth and width, ensuring you find stylish chairs in all styles that put people at ease. The Faraday and Murray ranges offer back support and space to rest your arm, so these are highly comfortable office chairs. Why not check out our selection of executive chairs for that all important feel!

There are even children's desks and chairs

If you are buying for youngsters, the Aries and Pisces sets offer a matching desk and chair, ensuring comfort and a great style.

This is true for a wide range of colours or materials, so whatever type of chair you require for the home office or workspace, you'll discover it with HomesDirect365.

Greet guests in the right way

Even if you have enough chairs for your day-to-day work requirements, having a dependable spare chair helps you connect with others, and present yourself in the best way, at all times. The Orsen range, available in many colours, allows you to meet changing needs without breaking a budget.

Whether you need office chairs or gaming chairs for a general workspace or the home office, the complete range of office chairs at HomesDirect365 will ensure you have the support you need in selecting suitable furniture.