Office Desks

No matter the workload, office workers need a suitable office desk to help them stay on top of everything. Whether you are looking for office furniture for a home or office space, HomesDirect365 has computer and office desks to match accessories and provide the perfect workspace for all professionals.

Functionality is the leading issue when choosing an office desk. You want enough space for a computer, a monitor, a mouse, a phone, accessories and storage space. Before you know it, you need a large office desk to fit everything in.

Choose from the finest range of desks

If you require shelves, drawers or accessories that manage cables and create a tidy workspace, choosing new office furniture should be your priority. The retro industrial desk with drawers has elegance, while the Tiva workstation is ideal for highly productive people.

There are office desks and styles for every budget

No matter your budget or the price you are willing to pay, you should find everything you need to ensure people work well in your office space. The Seville 2 drawer slider desk is highly functional, providing ample storage space.

Companies looking for uniformity in the office space should bulk order office desks and chairs. A professional, unified look sets the right tone for the working day, and your team, with the Dylan being a classic of this genre.

Colours and styles help create a good environment in the workplace

Functionality is essential, but the best-quality office desk setup offers more. The industrial Hoxton desk is the definition of simplicity in the workspace.

You don’t necessarily need French office desks to look good, but in some places, the classic desk or an industrial look will fit the tone of the premises and the company. An industrial desk with hairpin legs lets people know serious work is undertaken here. Also, the Copenhagen ladder desk is an essential choice for companies who want an individual style.

Find office furniture in the colour that represents your business

You also know that colours make a massive difference to your identity as a company. Be it your brand logo or enticing customers to buy, colours influence people, and if you’re looking for office desks in an extensive range of colours, HomesDirect365 has you covered.

There is virtually no limit on the colours on offer, including traditional black, blue, brown, grey and white. If you want something more striking, bronze, silver and gold desks stand out while adding elegance to a room. The Parton silver option stands out amongst the range of fine desks, as does the silver Rothsbury.

The Taylor glass stainless steel and clear cross desk stands out for its striking look, but it is ready for any working day.

What desk colours suit your organisation?

Of course, you can also enjoy clear, pink or yellow office desks, so if you have a strong brand and identity, make sure people see your quality at all times. Our colourful range is ideal as reception desks, particularly for businesses looking to match their corporate colour. 

You can also find office desks in a wide range of materials, including wood, marble, glass, metal, rattan, or wicker. Whatever type of desks, and whatever shape, including a corner desk, you can decide what you need with minimal effort.


Computer desks

The suitable modern computer desk isn’t just about appearance, space or height; it needs to be functional. Offering employees ample storage space keeps their workspace tidy and helps them be more productive.

The Boise has three separate storage areas while the Charles has shelf space and drawers. The Madrid and Hudson are excellent examples of computer desks combining functionality and style, and you'll find what you need in this range.

The Longton adjustable desks, available in black or pine, is ready for anything, creating a lot more storage space if required. You will find that our desks with storage is ideal for holding your documents and USB drives!

Desks create the ideal working environment

Pairing office desks with good size office chairs and suitable accessories makes all the difference, helping people and businesses work smarter, ensuring they reap the benefits of this effort. The Oyley and Mason options work well with a wide range of chairs, so you can mix and match to discover your best look.

Check out HomesDirect365 for the finest collection of office desks in all colours, shapes, sizes, materials and prices to ensure your business or home office is fully equipped.